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Reader Question:

My boyfriend nonetheless aids their ex financially and now he is continuously searching porn. Could it possibly be incorrect to feel like i am merely being used because he can not get exactly what the guy wants?

-Julie S. Silverdale (Arizona)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Answer:

You’ve asked two split questions here. In terms of him supporting their ex financially, I’m not sure if you will find kiddies included, a divorce decree, or if this is just him keeping attached mentally. I’d explore exactly what the concept of this monetary service is actually and just what their end goal is to wean their or not.

Are you aware that porn question, that is a huge red flag. Many men don’t realize that easy entry to porno make their unique brains come to be hooked on continuous pictures of brand new and hot digital fans, therefore causes it to be difficult to acquire sexual fulfillment in a lasting monogamous commitment.

I would speak with him about his pornography. Search and help him understand that porn is actually a medication like most some other that can cause dopamine rushes and also have an addictive high quality.

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