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Terms Of Service

What’s covered?

Screens, front cameras, charging port flats, and other replaced parts that don’t work. HITCH Fix’s lifetime warranty covers all manufacturer defects. Our warranty covers both parts and repair services.


What doesn’t HITCH Fix’s lifetime warranty cover?
  1. Improperly handled repaired or replaced parts, such as broken screens.
  2. Water damage.
  3. Battery life expectancy (which comes with a six months Performance Warranty.)
  4. Accidental or intentional device drop.
  5. Internal hardware interference.
  6. Self-repair damage (s).
  7. Independent software malfunctions.
  8. After-repair damages.

Customers should back up their data before having HITCH Fix repair their device.

HITCH Fix installs a warranty seal sticker to prevent warranty termination from device opening.

After pickup, we will check warranty cases for water damage and device opening outside HITCH Fix before repair. Water damage or seal failure voids the warranty.


Our Lifetime Warranty may not cover repairs if certain pre-repair conditions exist. Among them are:
  1. Water damage.
  2. Frame damage
  3. Jailbreaks.
  4. Any manufacturing or performance damage, even if irrelevant to repair.
  5. Interfering with the device’s internal hardware before repair may prevent it.

We recommend that customers don’t repair internal hardware parts themselves, as this could affect the device’s reparability.

We cannot transfer warranties between devices or owners, even if the device was sold or given to a new owner.

In the unfortunate event that the device is irreparably damaged due to a failed Technician repair attempt, the customer is entitled to receive a fully functional refurbished device of equal or more excellent value than the original device, based on the device’s model and condition as received, plus the original repair issue resolved.


Work Authorization/Service terms

— HITCH Fix customers requesting any service agree to these terms.

— I authorize HITCH Fix to repair my device and understand that Technicians have been trained to perform professional repairs. HITCH Fix and its technicians aren’t ASPs and aren’t affiliated with Samsung or Apple.

— I agree that HITCH Fix is not liable for claims or damages resulting from device repairs unless the Technician ultimately failed.

— I understand that HITCH Fix is not responsible for any data loss caused by repairs on my device. I am responsible for backing up my device’s data before allowing the Technician to work on it.

— Before HITCH Fix and the Technician repair my device, I must accurately describe its model and condition, including any previous repairs or modifications.

— HITCH Fix is solely liable for the cost of repairing or replacing a lost or damaged device based on fair market value.

— HITCH Fix’s damage liability is limited to replacing the device in the condition it was brought to HITCH Fix.