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This present year, 140 runners will participate in the world Conference out of Trail Powering since solidarity runners

They are between 26 and 62 and 57% of them are international runners with among them, a majority of Europeans, Americans and Asians. These men and women are training for the race of their dream, which is not only the UTMB ® , since 53% are registered on the TDS ® , the CCC ® or the OCC. One thing is certain, everyone wants to give extra meaning to their challenge by getting involved with one of the 12 associations supported by the event. A strong and engaging choice that inevitably changes the way they approach their race and their preparation. For the release of our film dedicated to solidarity, we went to meet these solidarity runners.

Brittmarie and you may Mattias – Sweden

  • Age: thirty-six and 49
  • City: Stockholm
  • Job: assets designer and you can President
  • Passions (aside from trail running): skiing, kayaking, climbing, sailing, hill cycling
  • Favorite 12 months: summer
  • Favourite song if you are running: “Whatever it takes”. Envision Dragons
  • Favorite dish immediately following exercising: an enjoyable piece of bloody meats and many burgandy or merlot wine
  • A couple professional athletes exactly who motivates them: Ingmar Stenmark and you will Yvon Chouinard
  • The brand new adjective that represent them top: Mattias: persistent ; Brittmarie: coordinator

You decided to support Plan International with two solidarity bibs, then you chose to do fundraising for the association. Why ?It certainly was a challenge when we decided to start collecting points required for CCC ® , but the challenge was only something for ourselves and we were doing that because its fun. When you run long-distance you have this “ups and downs” and when it feels like its really hard to run and the only thing you want to do is to lay down, its good to remember that we choose to do this for fun. For CCC ® , we decided that we will try to make our challenge a possibility for someone else. We managed to collect almost 7,000 euros to Plan International and we also hope and plan that our charity will go on until we have finished the race.

To suit your fundraising, you have involved Swedish businesses, it is an excellent duty to you personally. Absolutely! Its a great feeling to act that counts so you can anybody else. It provides energy therefore be a responsibility you to definitely we need to accomplish that certainly because it can most build massive difference. Its not each day you might tell businesses about your bundle to perform a competitor and have him or her because of their help because of the contribute money so you’re able to foundation and generally are willing to do it. We have been specific toward fact that all the money that could well be contributed is certainly going straight to Package International rather than in order to us. We boost currency into the possibility to initiate and you may manage education to have teenagers in the Himalayas, however, i perform accept that whatever Package Globally would is actually an excellent.

Nicki – Germany

This year, athletes had the fetichismo de pies oppertunity for taking a great solidarity bib prior to the opening regarding registrations (note: out of ). As to the reasons did you chose to do so?Our society are up against for example catastrophe to the numerous account, while we are very happy to be able to run, not to mention live the life span how we do. Running, oftentimes, try detected is just one recreation. not, by support a social result in, I feel they gives the sport a group heart. I want to use my undertakings because a store so you can mobilize some body and open their attention towards worlds very important facts. We have prior to now raised currency towards the Eu refuge crisis during the 2015 and because 2017 I was running regarding title out-of Oceanic Around the world to guard our very own seas.


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