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Whilst crushes and you can eliminates an effective Titan, Hange and you can Moblit perk and rejoice regarding the success of the new development

Erwin and you may Hange speculate you to Grisha may have desired to let humanity however, are incapable of, and you may ask yourself what is actually about cellar regarding his household inside Shiganshina

Immediately following Group Levi escapes the Reiss caves, they start getting Rod, that have Hange riding for the a wagon with their wounds. Hange cards which they kod promocyjny menchats now know that simply folks of new Reiss bloodline can use the brand new Founding Titan’s true electricity, and that or no Reiss member do get the energy you to definitely they shall be controlled by this new ideology of your own Earliest Queen and won’t totally free humankind. Because it’s felt like that they will need destroy Rod Reiss, Hange requires Historia when the she’s most okay with it. [31]

Arriving in Orvud, this new Garrison members stationed regarding the area try appalled to listen your Scouts do not want to evacuate the area, and Hange teaches you the Titan has been keen on this new higher society, which is why they want to keep them when you look at the Orvud thus they are able to direct where in fact the Titan happens.

Due to the fact a back-up bundle in the event the the latest Garrison is ineffective when you look at the destroying Rod’s Titan, Erwin features Hange and you can Moblit give gunpowder, ropes, and you may a websites, in order to Erwin because Garrison attempts to eliminate Rod towards the wall’s cannons. Because Rod’s Titan climbs right up on the Wall structure and kneels from inside the top of it, Eren converts and grabs the latest transport out-of gunpowder Hange introduced, and you may spends it to invest apart Rod’s direct. [32]

A few months shortly after Historia’s coronation, Hange is actually actively involved with powering examination with the Eren’s Titan solidifying feature in preparation for their journey to Wall structure Maria. Hange is seen from inside the Trost District viewing as a soldier appeals to a great Titan on the Hange’s very own advancement and this appears to be good Titan guillotine. Hange says that they can run all of these date without any significance of soldiers fighting Titans or playing with cannons or any other information, gleefully looking at Eren and you can advising your that they can bulk generate these and set him or her in just about any Wall structure area, it is interrupted on enjoying Levi passing Eren a great handkerchief having a nosebleed he’s got. Levi explains you to definitely Eren’s human anatomy likely keeps a limit having exactly what it perform, and you will Hange apologizes so you can Eren.

Hange accompanies Eren to help you query with Commandant Sadies on their engagement that have Dr. After hearing Keith’s tale, Hange gets annoyed. Deducing he resigned into knowledge camp out of thinking out-of obligations and you will inferiority so you’re able to other people, Hange claims he went aside to own an excellent childish cause and you can informs your not to render their emotions out-of inferiority on the so it number. [34]


Hange is afterwards introduce within a military meeting lead because of the Dhalis Zachary. Following the conference comes to an end, Hange match on the officials in another room, where he is asked regarding the items in the new package removed of Rod’s wallet. Hange states that it’s produced from spinal fluid through Eren and you will Historia, however, says you to definitely as it evaporates whenever they suits air it is hard to research. Noting that the articles is actually apart from its capabilities, Hange questions precisely what the Reiss family relations did whenever they written it.

Hange participates inside an event of a few Lookout Routine users in which they reveal to Erwin the information Keith gave on it and you can Squad Levi. Hange are afterwards noticed in the new restaurants hall, appalled from the soldiers’ attacking over the restaurants.

The day of process, most of the troops are prepared during the start. Hange or other highest-ranking soldiers replace salutes that have top-notch members of others branches and go to new Wall. Yet not, the new soldiers try amazed observe the civilians understand out-of the newest operation’s desires and begin to brighten towards the regiment. Even though Hange and you will Levi is actually first frustrated you to word-of its departure have bequeath, he could be silenced by vision off Erwin; pretty happy to have such as fanfare to your routine, cheering along with the civilians. [35]


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